Software factory

We have a large experience in creating web, multiplatform (both commercial and free) applications for different technologies.

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Using the best practices available, our consultancy services are committed to understanding and respecting your business culture.

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We are convinced that knowledge has to be shared, and, therefore, we are delighted to teach what we know. We offer both in-company and online courses.

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Why choosing us?

Our team includes professionals that have been working on information and communication technology for more than twenty years. We have developed projects for a large array of organizations, including companies, unions, NGOs and churches.
Our company is sufficiently elastic to adapt to new challenges. For such, we hire young, flexible professionals who are easy learners. We are continuously researching and developing.
We chose a business model that avoids bureaucracy and the high costs of infrastructure. Plus, we do not need to invest large resources in marketing campaigns because our services speak for themselves. As a result, our rates are very competitive, both in the national and international markets.


(Español) Ransomware: prevenir es mejor que curar

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

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How to: extract email addresses from a plain text file

You’ve received a plain text file containing email addresses and other info.  You only need a list of email addresses.  In linux terminal execute...

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