Success case: Virtual campus for project “Emprendemos paz”

“Emprendemos Paz”, seeks to strengthen the ability of young church leaders to develop strategies for promoting peace with a perspective of equal rights and sustainability, within the Dominican Republic, Central America and Colombia. This initiative was developed by: CREAS: A regional, ecumenical and multidisciplinary Christian organisation. From the year 2000, it has undertaken measures of cooperation, development of capabilities and knowledge production in order to generate and sustain the processes for change in Latin America and in the Caribbean. With the support of and in partnership with: Christian Aid: A UK based, global development organisation, which as part of the movement for social justice, intends to work towards profound changes in order to eradicate the causes of poverty and achieve equal rights, dignity and freedom for everyone, regardless of their religion and/or nationality. Grada provides the technological infrastructure of the virtual campus, implemented on the free moodle platform. Thanks to our past experience, in just three days we were able to give our client a dedicated server operating on a moodle platform and a mail server dedicated to the platform. We are in tasked with managing the security and hosting of that server for the lifetime of the project.

  • 9 Sep, 2015
  • admin