Firma digital

Report: Technical and legal aspects of using digital signatures in medical records

Client: Obra Social del Personal de Edificios de Renta y Horizontal

Consultancy – Argentina

This report is the result of an assessment made for a client regarding the convenience and feasibility of implementing digital signatures to patients’ medical records. The report was developed in association with AVOA Abogados.


Job: mislistasdecorreo.com

Client: mislistasdecorreo.com

Software factory – Argentina

mislistasdecorreo.com offers SAAS (software as a service) email marketing services. It currently has clients in many countries in the Americas. It sends out millions of emails every month. Grada developed the full platform and manages the cloud computing infrastructure supporting the service.


Analysis and design: management system for Gerencia de Prevención

Client: Interacción ART

Software factory – Argentina

In this project, we were responsible for analyzing and designing a management system that met the needs of Gerencia de Prevención, optimizing processes, reducing costs and improving usability for internal users, clients and suppliers.


Development: Website Letra Viva

Client: Letra Viva

Software factory – Costa Rica

We fully developed the institutional website for the Letra Viva Network. Letra Viva is a network in which publishing houses in Latin America that publish books on the Bible (as well as promote the reading of the Word and help the church transforming the society) can offer and receive mutual support. The site was developed in PHP using the Symfony framework and the Mysql database.


Organization of the 4th Congress on Information and Communication Technologies: “Mobile Computing”

Client: FATERyH

Consultancy – Argentina

We organized a congress that yearly gathers representatives of all the branches of FATERyH throughout Argentina. We were responsible for the content in the event, facilitating the organization of workshops and the presentations of panelists.


Implementation of Eirene Argentina’s Virtual Campus

Client: Eirene Armonía Plena AC

Consultancy – Argentina

We helped them using the available tools for the implementation of their Virtual Campus. It was decided to use Moodle. We developed a module that allows students to make payments through DineroMail and administrators to access student’s current accounts. Student payments automatically registered to their current accounts. The institution uses the virtual campus for their Higher Degree on Family Guidance, as well as other online courses. For more than seven years, Eirene AC was benefited by our Social Accountability Program.


Development: Website webselah.com

Client: Selah

Software factory – Argentina

We fully developed the website www.webselah.com. It was developed in PHP using the Symfony framework and the Mysql database. The development of the website was donated to Selah as part of our Social Accountability Program.


Consultancy: Development of procedures for managing information technology

Client: Interacción ART

Consultancy – Argentina

We developed a guide of information-related security procedures and policies based on international standards, such as ISO 27001 and ITIL.


Development: Website feautor.org

Cliente: Luther Seminary

Software factory – United States of America

We fully developed www.feautor.org. For such, we developed a software that allows users to share content and license it under Creative Commons licenses. It includes internationalization and localization functions in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Korean. A video conversion engine and a module for users’ comments and ratings were developed. It includes a two-tier search engine, both an internal one and Google Search. The website was in production for several years, but a read-only version is maintained as a reference.


Development: Website cedepca.org


Software factory – Guatemala

CEDEPCA is an evangelical training center that offers safe, creative spaces for women and men of different Christian traditions to deepen their faith while strengthening their capacity to respond to the challenges of their communities. We developed their institutional website.


Development: Website iglesiabernal.org

Client: Iglesia Evangélica Metodista de Bernal

Implementation – Argentina

We helped the church selecting the most adequate content management site. WordPress was considered the most suitable for their needs. We installed and configured their website, which is hosted in our servers. This project is part of our Social Accountability Program.