We are convinced that knowledge has to be shared, and, therefore, we are delighted to teach what we know. We offer both in-company and online courses.

Seminar: Legal and technical aspects of digital signatures in Argentina

This seminar introduces the necessary ideas to understand the benefits, scope and challenges of digital signatures in Argentina. It also discusses, in more minute detail, the technical and legal aspects one needs to know to use digital signatures successfully in the business world.

Course: Developing secure web applications and services

Applications are not secure by themselves, but due to practices such as the following:

- an organizational management that includes security;
- well-documented, adequate security policies that are based on standards;
- coding methods with adequate control points and security activities;
- secure management of versions and configuration.

Such themes are included in the course.

Seminar: Cloud computing – Opportunities for your company

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way companies think their technological infrastructure. Can cloud computing really save money? Is it safe? Which services are best to start the migration to the cloud? Both these and other questions are introduced in this seminar.